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[TowerTalk] More Guy Anchors

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Subject: [TowerTalk] More Guy Anchors
From: (Bill Hider)
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 16:41:51 -0400
Chuck Sudds wrote:
> I am getting ready to install my 80ft of Rohn 45G. I have the base and all
> three of the guy-anchor spots marked off, out in my "North 40." Rather than
> manually digging these holes, I was planning on enlisting the services
> (again) of my Rural Electric Company, and their power pole auger. I plan to
> have them auger down about 8-9 ft and about 18-24" in diameter. Does anyone
> see a problem with round guy anchor bases?? I do plan to have elevated guys,
> about 4-5ft out of the ground.
> Looking forward to ALL replies, mispelled or not ;)
> Chuck Sudds  K0TVD
> Missouri Valley, Iowa USA
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Yes, Chuck, I see a big problem: NO ENGINEERING (at least none-apparent
in the post)

That includes determining information such as:
        The maximum load that will be put on the guys during operation (plus
safety margin)
        The maximum uplift forces that the guy anchor must sustain (which
includes safety margin)

The engineering of the guying system (including elevated guy anchors)
may then proceed based on:
        Ensuring that the requirements of ANSI/EIA/TIA-222-F are met
        The soil properties at the site (in psf)

I designed my elevated guy anchor system based on the maximum antenna
load I anticipated for the tower.  By that, I mean, that the guying
system was designed to handle the maximum antenna load I would EVER put
on the tower, not just the antennas I would put on the tower initially. 
If you under-design the guying system and later want to add more
antennas, you'll have to re-do the design/implementation if you want to
do it right.

Remember, you're not putting up 80 feet of ROHN 45, you are putting up a
tower SYSTEM which consists of wind load (tower, antennas, rotors,
masts, etc) and weight (tower,  antennas, masts, rotors, etc).  Only by
proper engineering will you ensure that your system is and will be
safe.  (Back 40 or not, towers that fall still destroy property).

Bill, N3RR

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