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[TowerTalk] Managing information - How I do it

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Managing information - How I do it
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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 16:08:26 +0300
Following a post by Hubert Gabler (callsign ??), I have sent him the
following message. Initially I intended to keep the reflector bandwidth
low, but since it seems to be a certain interest for this matter, I am
posting it here as well.

73 de Mike, YO3CTK


I face the same problem as you do. I subscribed to several reflectors
(TowerTalk, QSL, Amps, CQ-Contest, Kenwood, ARRL, Forecast, DX, TopBand
and several other) so you can imagine that I receive something like
150-200 messages daily. This is what I do to manage them:

1.      I delete immediately whatever is not interesting (now or never).
As my interests in ham radio are pretty stable at the moment, I can
discern what is interesting to me.
2.      I keep one representative message in each thread, even though it
is not interesting to me. That way I can go back later to the archives
on each reflector and easily find the entire thread, should the interest
arise. You know that each reflector has its archives, do you ?
3.      I keep each reflector in a different folder. I'm using Microsoft
Outlook and this software is very capable in this respect. I have also
"inbox rules" which automatically move each received message in its
appropriate folder. This is very convenient.
4.      Periodically I create my own archive, deposited safely on
another computer, in order to save all stored messages should my
computer crash. I have now something like 1800 messages from QSL
reflector (from 10/96), 800 TowerTalk messages, 750 Amps messages and so
on. The personal archive is about 50MB of data.
5.      Periodically I delete old messages, such as forecast
information, which cannot possibly be of any future interest, except for
a long-term propagation study (this I don't intend to do).

Basically this is my strategy. But I am very interested in what others
are doing, therefore please summarize all response and post this summary
on the reflector.

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