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Subject: [TowerTalk] 4 SQUARE ORIENTATION
From: (Tod Olson)
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 16:03:55 -0600
Tom's message gave me a chuckle. When I was mayor of my small town (I left
office because of self-imposed term limits), the cell phone companies came
into town and wanted to use our water tower to mount their antennas on. We
agreed to lease them space. They desired to put the antennas on the side of
the tower. Then there was a fight over who got to be the installation 'on
top'. We suggested that they use the 15 degree points so that several
companies could be at the same height. They all told us that they had to
have true North (whatever that may be) and the 90 degree points around the
tower. When we asked why, they all said that somewhere (on the East Coast I
presume) some engineering group at their company had started with a cell
orientation that required N-E-S_W antennas and from that time on there was
no way to change. I suggested that maybe someone should do an analysis and
see if the performance change from being higher would overcome the
positioning error. As far as I know no one did so.

I guess we all tend to live "inside the box" and only a few among us really
'think outside the box". My compliments to Tom, N4KG.

73, Tod , K0TO

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