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[TowerTalk] What do I use to suport the cables?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] What do I use to suport the cables?
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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 00:47:00 EST
What is the preferred method of supporting my coax and rotor cable from the
tower, around the side of the house, to the front where my operating position
is located?  I'm in a salt water environment, and I will be running 3
RG-8-size cables plus a rotor control cable..

I've considered the following:

        1.  The "hammer-in" type of hangars the phone company uses.  They're 
not big
enough, and they rust.

        2.  Brass or stainless screw eyes.  Big one are expensive, and they 
require re-threading to run a new cable.

        3.  Plastic 1" electrical conduit "clamps".  Require re-threading or re-
screwing to run new cable.

        4.  Screw eyes with plastic cable ties to support the cable.

        5.  Galvanized fence tension straps with just one side screwed to the 
thus leaving an open "u-shaped" guide to add additional cables.

Are their any other options?


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