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Subject: [TowerTalk]Rotator and Antenna Standards
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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 07:41:46 EST
>There are some really neat couplings for industrial applications that keep
>the rubber in 100% compression instead of compression/shear. Get ahold of
>some industrial coupling books. Probably need to select one that has a high
>safety margin for our loads to get the long life. Maybe one of the clever
>fellows around here will find a reliable solution. I haven't found the time
>yet. It's probably easier to just go up a notch in rotator selection, after
>the other questions are answered.

One of the items that needs to be answered to find out the best solution to
this problem is the failure mode of the rotors.  So from the people on this
list what part of the system fails?  Is it an electrical failure or mechanical
failure?  And if it is a mechanical failure is a straight overstress problem
or a fatigue failure?  Just from what I am hearing so far it really sounds
like fatigue failures.  If they are fatigue failures then your coupling/shock
absorber may help a lot by reducing the impact loads that your rotor is

-Bill King

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