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Subject: [TowerTalk] More OR 2800
From: (dan hearn)
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 14:36:06 -0800
I hope by now all interested parties have found my (finally complete)
posting on the results of the OR 2800 users survey Monday at 2214.
Earlier attempts were not complete. Assistance from an expert revealed
that I had a single period on an otherwise blank line and this was
interpreted as the end of message. I apologize for the trash I created
on TT while trying to make the posting.
  A number of people asked for copies of the survey and I hope that they
have found the complete posting.
  After looking at the results of the summary I went ahead and bought
one of the rotators from Texas Towers. The comments on the ruggedness of
the rotator and the reports of excellent response from M2 when troubles
are encountered convinced me. There were quite a few reports of trouble
with the pulse direction indicator system but I feel it should be as
good as or better than a potentiometer and we live with that system in
competing rotators. Furthermore, I believe it is possible to take some
simple steps to protect the reed switch from lightening induced voltages
on the long leads going to it. When I work out the details, I will post
it here for information.
  My summary mentioned that my new rotator did not sound the same
turning cw vs ccw. There is a "bump da bump" sound when turning cw not
present when turning ccw. After talking to Wyatt at M2, he felt this was
a gear touching a mounting plate. He said they would send me a prepaid
shipping return label via UPS which would be delivered by UPS when they
pick up the boxed rotator for repair.
  We discussed the addition of the internal 5k potentiometer and drive
gears as a backup direction indicator. This can be done for $70 while he
is repairing the rotator bump da bump. I decided to have them do that.
The promised turnaround time is 3 days or less. Is this fair treatment ?
I think so. By the way, he said they are looking at the possibility of
providing an access plate which would allow easier replacement of the
reed switch.

73 for now, Dan, N5AR

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