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[TowerTalk] Problems with YAESU Rotor

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Problems with YAESU Rotor
From: (S Cooper)
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 1999 17:28:05 -0000
I've used a HAM 4 to turn my 144MHz EME system for at least 9 years, taken it 
on expeditions, etc and it still works fine - in spite of northern GM gales. 
It's currently on a short 35ft tower with 4 x 9ele 144 MHz long yagis. Two of 
the yagis broke in the gales this winter. The rotator is still ok. Drawbacks 
are the sensitivity to voltage drop on a long run to the tower and 'jumpy' 
direction readings as the pot gets old. But this is all easily fixed.
On the other hand, my G800 Yaesu rotator, up a 60ft tower, with a tribander, a 
7ele for 70MHz and a 5 ele for 50MHz has recently had a fracture on the top of 
the casing. Maybe this was due to overtightening, but I wouldn't think so. Just 
a poor casting, by the look of it.
The HAM 4 is a brute for its size and would be my recommendation every time.

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