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[TowerTalk] 3 stack, TH6 es KT34

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Subject: [TowerTalk] 3 stack, TH6 es KT34
From: (Peter Larsen)
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 02:16:30 +0000
Hi All:
The local DX club is working on putting up a 150 foot tower
with 3 antennas on it. We have one KT34XA, one TH6DXX, and I
am thinking of donating my TH6DXX to the cause. Now
for the Question: 
If using a WXØB stackmaster box, what would be the best
combination of the three antennas? KT34 lowest, KT34 highest,
or in the middle. We hope to rotate all three separately.

BTW I was on ten meters last week end as XO6NAO and had
a nice chat with a gent in W1. He had a TH7 at 70 and one at
40. Lower TH7...57,  upper TH7... 59+30, stack... 59+10.
Very interesting, but I think that these results are just 
one day, one QSO, one type of prop. I wouldn't read too much
into it. 
 73 es have fun
 VE6YC  DO21wc
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