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[TowerTalk] Building a tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Building a tower
From: (bob alexander)
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 08:08:35 -0600
Brian Kell wrote:
> I am considering building a tower.  I am planning on using the
> following:
> 1-5/8" toprail for the legs.
> 3/4" conduit for the bracing.
> the tower will be a "modular" design - able to be stack each section
> together.  My question is, will this tower support an HF beam with a
> 11.6sqft. windload??
> Please e-mail any comments or suggestions to
> Thank you
> Brian - N7VCC
For your own safety, the safety of your antenna and the safety
of surrounding structures, I would suggest you stack Rohn 25 or 45.
Do not try to build tower sections yourself.
73, Bob, W5AH

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