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[TowerTalk] Yaesu vs Hygain

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Yaesu vs Hygain
From: (Mike Holley)
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 20:04:15 -0800
Three cheers for HY-GAIN  and for the folk that repair and overhaul them .
>From someone that had to learn the hard way  through installing a G-800 and
having it damaged by high winds (60 MPH)   beyond being able to obtain to  the
required gear assembly from the manufacturer.
 As soon as the WX is favourable in the PNW I will be installing a old but
trusty HAM IV which I am sure will last for  my remaining  years .(73 now)
 It is a pity because the YAESU rotor system sure had some very good features
.like the 450 deg. and the speed /pre-set functions . I have to except the
consequences in my case ,to not have been informed by the dealer of the
importance of the relationship relating to antenna size using the "K" factor
formula rather than just the sq. ft specification .
 Thanks to all those kind folk that provided me with some very informative data
on rotor relationship to antennas . Three Cheers also goes out to "Tower Talk "
I can now put my G-800SDX controller on the shelf under the stairs and wrap it
in a clear plastic bag so that it at least will remain  serviceable !!
                                              Mike VE7AVM wrote:

> After 20 years of use I sent a Ham II to HyGain. For $75.00 they completely
> overhauled the unit & even replaced the outside castings with new ones.  For
> another
> nominal fee they eliminated the 8 screw board with the latest plug-type
> connector.
> I too have a spare Ham IV rotator which I sent in & got the same results.
> It's ONLY HyGain, as far as my experience tells me!
> 73,
> Joe, WD5FHG
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