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[TowerTalk] G800SDX and 3ele 40m KLM

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Subject: [TowerTalk] G800SDX and 3ele 40m KLM
From: (Mike Holley)
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999 16:18:11 -0800

S Cooper wrote:

> I am about to put up a 3 ele KLM 40m yagi. I have a prop pitch, a G800SDX and 
> a HAM 4 available for this job. I know the prop pitch is the only sensible 
> thing to use to rotate it. However, I am only putting the thing up for the 
> summer. So... would the G800 take the strain? That's what's currently up the 
> tower. The HAM 4 has a problem with long cable runs (I have 200ft+) where the 
> brake won't release. And getting the prop pitch going has become more 
> difficult than I remembered (plus, I have no directional feedback).
> Will the G800SDX handle it?

If you have been "Reading the Tower Talk mail ) recently you will have seen a 
lot of  pros and cons relating to the G-800 rotor and in particular my own 
bitter experience and personal lack of knowledge of applying the "K" factor 
math prior to selecting a given type of rotor . The big thing that I learnt 
from that was learnt DO NOT RELY on the square foot specification either that 
given by the antenna or the rotor manufacture . I now know it is meaningless 
especially when you are dealing with a large antenna . I think
that the G-800 series of rotors will perform and survive providing one keeps 
well within the "K" factor final figure ,but DO NOT EXCEED or you will  wind up 
like me with a destroyed rotor .

> Any easy solution to the voltage drop on long lines to a HAM 4?

 I also have a long control cable run for my HAM-IV and to prevent voltage drop 
did two things ,one. used the Beldon Cable that had six wires #16 AWG and two 
wires #14 .Two ,removed the AC Cap from the HAMIV control box and installed it 
in a weather proof steal or aluminium box and mounted it directly below the 
rotor plate on the tower . This resulted in excellent performance of the HAM-IV 
system . If tackling the moving the cap is a little to much ,try the increasing 
the wire size first .
                                                   Good Luck Mike VE7AVM

> Need some down to earth practical info on prop pitches. Is there a web site? 
> Is there a difference between the types found in the UK and the US? Three 
> wires come out of this prop pitch - how can I identify which is which?
> Stewart GM4AFF
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