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[TowerTalk] Rust Inhibiting Paint for Steel Towers - SuggestionsNeeded

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rust Inhibiting Paint for Steel Towers - SuggestionsNeeded
From: (Paul Womble)
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:37:11 -0500
Hi John,

    I cant offer you specific product recommendations as it's been a
while since I worked in the paint industry, but most of the industrial
paint companies (Sherwin Williams was the company I worked for) should
be able to provide some technical data on their industrial products. A
commercial sales rep should know his companies products and be able to
make some recommendations to you.  I would bet their is some type of
epoxy based paint or other industrial product  that will suit your
needs.  The condx are pretty harsh so getting maximum life won't be

Another thought is finding out what is used on oil platforms out in the
oceans.  They have to face conditions similar to what you have @ P40W.

Have you checked into power coating?  Don't have any idea what it's salt
water resistance is.  I know guys who use that for car restorations on
chassis and suspension/brake components and they are often in a pretty
harsh environment with salt on roads.

Paul AJ4Y

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