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[TowerTalk] Elevation of Guy Anchor Points?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Elevation of Guy Anchor Points?
From: (John Langdon)
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:23:42 -0600
Visualize the tower installed on a perfectly flat surface at the same level 
with your actual tower base is and per manufacturer specifications.  Keep 
the guy wires just as they would be on that flat surface, then move the 
anchors around on your actual topography until they meet the guy wires.  Do 
not do anything that would change the angles.  It is okay of the actual 
anchor point is closer to or further from the tower base as long as the 
angles are maintained.  Make sure you have done the calculations properly 
on the strength of the anchors - I would never install elevated anchors 
without a drawing stamped by an RPE in my files.  But I like elevated 
anchors - they reduce the likelihood of vehicles, people, and deer bumping 
into the guys, give you more room to work around the tower, and they make 
it a little easier to landscape things near them to reduce the "XYL 
perceived backyard ruination factor".

73 and good luck

John N5CQ

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Sent:   Wednesday, March 10, 1999 11:46 AM
Subject:        [TowerTalk] Elevation of Guy Anchor Points?

Hi Folks,

I have a question concerning elevation of guy anchor points in relation
to tower base. Living up in the hills, on the edge of a fairly steep
canyon, I have a back yard that has limited level ground. Because I
wanted to plan for a 100' tower (i.e. 80' from the base to the guy
anchor points), I am severely limited where the tower can be placed on
the property - in fact, for all practical purposes there is only one
location. I have installed the tower base, and am now in a position to
accurately determine where the holes for the guy anchors need to be dug.
The two anchors in the backyard will be roughly 2-3ft lower in elevation
than the tower base - shouldn't be a problem. However, the guy point in
the front yard will be some 10-12ft higher in elevation than the tower

Given that the Rohn book says that guy anchor points should be within
+/- 3% of the tower height - in my case 3ft, should I be overly
concerned that one guy point is way out of this tolerance? (My gut
feeling is that it should not be an issue, but I just wanted a sanity



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