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From: (Paul Finch)
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 08:02:03 -0600

Hello Tower Talk,

I have just put up a 500 foot tower on my property in Texas and I need some
positive reinforcement on a problem I am having with a neighbor.

Even before the first transmitter was installed, two neighbors were
complaining about their TV reception on channel 4, 5 and a couple of the UHF
channels.  These channels have a significant amount of snow a various ghosts
in the picture.

I have been in radio for almost 30 years and before that TV and have never
heard of this happening before because of a tower nearby.

The neighbors house is 700 feet from the base of the tower.  My tower is 90
degrees north from the path of the TV transmitters (TV antennas 55 miles to
the East Southeast).

This is the first time I have actually owned a tower of this size but have
worked for a communications company that had four towers ranging from 240
feet to
1160 feet.

I used to see this kind of problem with poor antenna installations and
sunspot activity, but never from any kind of reflection off a large metal
structure like a tower especially one not in the direct near field path of
the transmitted signal.

I guess what I would like to hear is if any of the subscribers here may have
had this problem happen before and what if anything can be done to remedy
the problem.

Paul Finch

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