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[TowerTalk] K8UR vertical dipole for 80

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Subject: [TowerTalk] K8UR vertical dipole for 80
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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 12:16:18 -0500
I recently picked up a Mor-Gain 80-10HD which is only 66' long on 80/75.  I
need an antenna that will give me a low angle to EU with a repeat pattern to
ZL/VK.  I could put it up as a sloping dipole (on a large tree) but there
would be high angle broadside radiation.  The K8UR vertical dipole seems to
be the answer with the lower half bent back toward the tree.  The articles
on the K8UR version seem to indicate this gets rid of the high angle stuff
and is a little sharper (if 70 degrees is sharper) pattern.   I don't have
room for a 3 or 4 dipole array (unless someone has 3 more Mor-Gain's).   My
half square broadside N/S is great for SA (worked E4 on one call however) so
I need coverage for EU.

In case you are wondering, the Mor-Gain tests at 96% efficiency (same as a
full size dipole) and K5YY used to take them with him on trips to FH8 and
D68 and worked plenty of USa on 80CW with them.  Another ham used side by
side comparisons to show that the Mor-gain was the equal of a dipole.

My only other choice is to put the Fritzel FD-4 back up at 70' as a flat top
OCF dipole (NE/SW).

Any comments?

Dave K4JRB
Dxing on 1/2 acre

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