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Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 03:10:14 -0800
    We roof mounted our aluminum Universal Tower. Rigged up a saddle out
of 4"x 8" wood to fit the roof crown and accept the flat roof mount. Went
up 40' and put the Cushcraft X7 on top. Used 2 sets of guys and set some
5/16" eye bolts through the roof and into some steel brackets that are
bolted to the roof trusses. Underneath the tower we used 4"x 4" wood to
transfer the load off the roof onto a load bearing wall.

    It would be nice to have the antenna up 20 meters but this is next
best thing. With the height of the house added in, we've got the antenna
up 55 ft.

    We don't get really high winds but do occasionally experience a steady
35-45 mph Santa Anna. We do get a lot of dust devils during hot weather
and they will take asphalt shingles off a roof. The X7 has been hit by one
of these with no problems.

    Personally I would prefer an aluminum tower over steel on a roof. A
lot lighter, more attractive and easier to handle. We use 2 sections of
14" and 2 sections of 18". Chose this so if ever we move it would be a
simple matter to buy a few more sections to ground mount it an go up to 70
feet or so.

Dave Hough, KC7DM
Las Vegas

George & Jennifer Cortez wrote:

> Hi Folks
> Wondering if 25g could be roof mounted effecively to support
> a C3/C4. How high would one dare to go. Also wondering how to guy it
> all. This is a plan B approach just in case the town doesnt approve my
> ground mtd tower.
> Thanks
> George KG2DB
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