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Subject: [TowerTalk] Where to put tower?
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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:00:58 EST
I too have a similar situation in NC.  I have six acres of woodland and my XYL
did not want my Rohn 45 next to the new home we just built.  I located the
tower 125 feet back in a clearing in the woods and buried a 4" flexible PVC
duct (the kind with drainage holes) from under the shack to the tower
location. I then installed a 4" hard PVC down duct from under the operating
position to the crawl space, installed an aluminum ground plate with gas tube
protectors connected to two ground rods.  I also installed a "pull rope" in
the duct with 20' excess on each end.  Now I can pull cables etc. through he
duct in tandum fashion and have had no problems in adding cables etc.

I also planted a large, fast growing shrub in front of the tower that blends
in with the landscape.  Results:  (1) Happy XYL  (2) Flexible System (3) Me

Do what you can to make your installation a win-win for you and your XYL. is
my recommendation.  I use to take the "It is like a cold, she will get over
it" attitude - now that I am more mature, I have learned - win - win is

Good luck,



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