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[TowerTalk] Nonconductive guys/fixed side mount

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Nonconductive guys/fixed side mount
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 10:52:15 -0500
Hi Pete,

> I plan to go over to totally non-conductive guys for the top set, and move
> my insulators down to the middle set.  Question is, is Phillystran the
> only practical option?  A few years ago, some guys in PVRC bought a large
> quantity of Polygon(?) fibreglass guy rod, which I understand is only
> about 1/3 of the cost of Philly, but as I recall there were minimum
> quantity and handling issues.  Can anyone enlighten me on this option?

First, I know a lot of other people use the polygon rod. So this is 
just my perspective.

I called polygon a few weeks ago to order some rod. 

First thing that bothered me, was the person on the phone knew 
very little about using this rod for guylines. For example, when I 
asked for a UV resistant grade she said "they all are". When I 
asked what the typical life was, she didn't know. When I asked 
what the safe rated working load was, she had no idea.

Second thing that bothered me was they quoted me one price (it 
was around 21 cents I think), and later raised the price to 33 cents 
on the actual confirmation.

The final straw was delivery. They told me under four weeks, but 
the confirmation said 7-8 weeks.

It might be good stuff, but when someone doesn't seem to know the
 price, delivery time, and other product details I get all kinds of 
warning flags in my mind.

A total-steel-cable installation costs $6 per insulator (including 
grips) plus 10 cents per foot. Since the average spacing I use is 
about 40 feet, it generally totals less than 30 cents a foot.

Dollar per dollar it wound up being about the same price as 
something I know works, lasts for years, and is readily available. 
With the only difference being extra labor, I decided to just use 
insulators, preforms, and 1/4 inch EHS strand as usual. 

> Europe, it seems as if just about any 2" steel tubing will do for a mount,
> simply rotating the boom-to-mast clamp on the C-3 to attach to a
> horizontal tube.  If this is how it's often done, the question is how best
> to attach the tube to the tower.  Would it work to U-bolt it to one leg
> and one horizontal tower rung, or should I plan on something like an
> accessory shelf, u-bolted to all three legs, with the tube in turn
> u-bolted to the plate? 

I plan on using crossover plates bolted to two legs with two u-bolts 
per leg to support the medium size yagis on a rotating tower.

73, Tom W8JI

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