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Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 14:40:08 -0800
Steve Jackson wrote:
> OK, I give up.
> I have been trying for DAYS to find a source of 2" OD, 0.375" wall 7075-T6
> extruded aluminum tubing.
> Nobody seems to have any.  I have called more than 9 places, from coast to
> coast.  Only an Iranian website had any hope of providing this stuff, and
> I'll be damned if I have to buy it from the Iranians.
> I need at least a 16' long piece, and would take as much as 20' if I had
> to, in order to get it.  I do not want to weld 2 pieces together.
> I need the aluminum because I have a weight restriction, and steel is just
> too heavy for my application.  I am fully aware that this material runs $40
> a foot, versus chrome-moly 4043 at $20 or so.
> The aluminum weighs 2 1/4 lbs. a foot, and the steel is between 6 1/2 and 7
> 1/2 lbs. foot.  That's 36 lbs. versus 120 lbs.!  I'll pay for the aluminum.
> And yes, I am also aware that the yield strength is lower... 110 kpsi
> versus 73 kpsi.  My calculations show I need 59 kpsi to survive a 90 mph wind.
> Can anyone help with a source for this 'rare' pipe?
> Replies via the reflector, or e-mail at, or
> telephone 800-343-8977 ext. 29045.
> TIA 73 Steve KZ1X/4
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i also need an aluminum mast about 20 to 24 feet for the same reasons.
up where i have my  hf site i am the only one to do it and at my age
cn't handle the weight of steel on the tower.  please post answers to
the reflector .  jerry n6ifw

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