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Subject: [TowerTalk] Good Guys
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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 01:47:44 -0600
Hello All,

A couple of years ago, I "beefed" up my lightning protection here.  This
included lightning protection
for the phone lines at the service drop.  I have a ICE arrestor mounted on
a Polyphaser panel at the 
phone line service drop.

Last month we had a T-storm front come through (very unusual for February).
 Shortly before the 
front arrived, one of my two phone lines died.  Checking the circuit let me
to the ICE (International
Communication Engineers) arrestor that was dead on one of the phone lines.
I bypassed the
arrestor to restore the phone line.  The next day I called ICE, intending
to inquire about ordering a
new arrestor.  The fella I talked to said to just return the unit for
courtesy repair.  I did that, and
ICE repaired my arrestor, and returned it to me at their expense.  I've
installed it back into the phone
arrestor circuit and all is well here.

My appreciation goes out to ICE for great customer service.


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