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Subject: [TowerTalk] aluminum mast
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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 04:08:03 +0000
>?:" wrote:
> Steve Jackson wrote:

> > I need the aluminum because I have a weight restriction, and steel is just
> > too heavy for my application.  I am fully aware that this material runs $40
> > a foot, versus chrome-moly 4043 at $20 or so.

> i also need an aluminum mast about 20 to 24 feet for the same reasons.
> up where i have my  hf site i am the only one to do it and at my age
> cn't handle the weight of steel on the tower.  please post answers to
> the reflector .  jerry n6ifw

Most of these exotic-alloy heavy mast solutions are driven by the 2" diameter
limit for which most common rotators are designed to keep the mast axis 
I am using a 2-1/2" flanged bearing at the top of my tower ($2 surplus, even 
a grease fitting) with an adaptor machined and installed at the rotor end of the
mast to shrink it to 2".  Mast strength goes up, I believe, as the cube of the 
diameter.  A small increase in mast diameter provides a huge bending-strength 

Two-and-a-half inch dia by quarter-inch wall aluminum tubing might be readily 
Worth checking into, the mast would be even less weight...

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