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[TowerTalk] Ameritron RCS-8V Remote Coax Switch

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ameritron RCS-8V Remote Coax Switch
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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:47:33 -0500
Rogerio, The correct wire of the Ameritron is 6-22 for most every
installation, due to the very low current requirements. On longer runs
6-20 is a bit of assurance, but not until you pass 200 feet.
The 2-18,6-22 rotor wire used for the Ham IV is often used because of its
universal availability and thus good price - it often costs less than the
6 wire cable, and the extra 2 18 AWG wires are handy for Christmas stars,
beacon lites, etc!
Any good, UV resistant, 300V rated 6-22, PVC jacketed control wire will
do a fine job for you.  Four conductor cable won't do the job.
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n Thu, 18 Mar 1999 22:34:42 EST "R. Murad" <> writes:
>I posted this message on march 14 but I guess it never
>made it to the reflector, so I am posting again.
>Hi, all
>I am planning to buy the AMERITRON RCS-8V Remote Coax
>Switch (the other model, RCS-4, won't fit).
>I will need a 174 feet long (~53 meters)control cable.
>The Ameritron WEB site is vague about the requirements
>of the control cable and states that they won't reply
>to any technical related E-Mail. Besides, the manual
>for this model is not available at their site...
>So, could someone please help:
>1 - I've been told that the control cable must be a
>    6-conductor type. Is that true? It would be nice
>    if a 4-conductor cable could be used, because I
>    already have around 200 feet of this type.
>2 - If the 6-conductor cable is mandatory, which wire
>    gauge I must specify for the conductors in order
>    to match RCS-8V requirements and be sure that it
>    will work properly?
>Any help will be much appreciated.
>Rogerio Murad, PY1OL
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