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Subject: [TowerTalk] GME Roof Towers`
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 14:45:40 -0600
K7LXC Wrote:

>     I've installed a half a dozen of the GME 9-footers and they are very
>worthwhile. GME suggests bolting it down with lag screws into the roof
>trusses; I've never used this method. I use a backing plate of 2x4's inside
>the attic and a chunk of 1/2 inch all-thread to connect everything. Use some
>big washers and the installation should be pretty bombproof. Be sure to use
>roofing tar or RTV liberally to prevent water getting in. 
>     Yes, you climb the tower - it's robust and is confidence instilling. If
>you can't put up a ground mounted tower or you want something quick and
>- a roof mounted tower works great. 
>Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC

Steve and others,

I heartly agree with your plan as described.  I added a little more
"insurance" the the installation.  I used the thread-all rod through the
roof, through a sandwitch 2x6 at the roof and then also tied it into the
ceiling rafters.  The way I did that is to lag screw another 2x6 to the
rafters and then keeping the same angle rand the all thread to that point
as well and used bolts to and large washers to bolt into place.  Is a
little hard to get to because you have to get under thw 2x6 to turn the
bolt tight.  Actuall I double nut the thing from the top and
botton...extend the all thread up through the roof.  I bolt down the tower
and cut off the excess with a hack saw.  Then I tighten up the other bolt
on the roof ratters as well.  I have gotten carried away about this thing I have taken some cable and went from a eye bolt on the roof
rafter sandwich board to the ceiling rafter sandwitch board...and then
tighten four of them up using turn-buckles.  If a wind comes along, it will
take off the whole roof and not just the top.  HI HI.  One other thing I
have done is to make spacers between the roof rafter sandwich to fit in
between the rafters to equalize  the pull on the sandwitch board.  


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