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[TowerTalk] Ground Rod Under Tower Base

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Ground Rod Under Tower Base
From: (Gary McDuffie, Sr.)
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 15:45:37 -0700
>From time to time, I've heard that a ground rod driven into the bottom
of your tower base hole before the base is installed, is a good way to
go.  What is the thinking on this?  Is it an old wives tale, or is this
something that really does improve the ground system.

My intent is to put three rods in at ground level after the tower is
installed, and this would be in addition to the one at the bottom of the
hole.  Is the one in the hole a good addition to the ground system, do
nothing for it, or, for some strange reason, be detrimental?

Related, question... Is there anything to be done to keep the
connections to the (buried) rod from corroding and deteriorating over
the years?  Chemical, no-ox, etc?

Gary - AGØN

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