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[TowerTalk] Tower Rust Prevention - Summary of Suggested Solutions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Rust Prevention - Summary of Suggested Solutions
From: (John Crovelli)
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:09:26 PST
I want to thank the following people for their input regarding products 
that can be applied to tower sections to inhibit rust:
KH7R, K1RC, KE3Q, KI7Y, P43P, and K4CIA.

The following is a summary of the products suggested:

Epoxy Based Industrial Coatings
Zinc Chromate
Toluene-based Epoxy
Finnigan's Waxoyl
Leeds Hammerite Products
Black Varnish
Trailercoat by Petitt Paints
Carbo-mastic paint
Aluminum Roofing Paint - Henry's Alumi-top
Interlux Brightside Polyurethane Topside Paint
ZRC Cold Galvanizing Compound and ZRC Galvilite

Unfortunately I have had limited time to complete the research 
originally intended.  Needing to make a decision quickly (I leave for 
Aruba next Wednesday afternoon) I decided to purchase two gallons of ZRC 
Cold Galvanizing Compound.  I spoke with the manufacturer directly after 
reviewing the information provided on their exceptional website (see URL 
above).  This material bonds to previously hot galvanized steel, and 
forms a self-healing protective barrier, through what they call galvanic 
action.  The primary ingredient is zinc dust particles that bond with 
the underlying metal.  It is not a paint, but rather an industrial film, 
but can be applied by brush or roller as well as sprayed. 

This stuff is HEAVY, weighting 24 pounds per gallon! I think the weight 
indicates it must be 95% zinc. Underwriter's Laboratories certifies this 
product is equivalent to hot-dip galvanizing when properly applied.  The 
manufacturer says a 3 mil coating, equivalent to two coats, provides 
this level of protection. And unlike hot-dip galvanizing, ZRC self-heals 
itself if scratched, because of the continuing galvanic reaction that 
takes place.

Take a look at their website.  It has lots of technical papers and user 
testimonials.  Results of product testing in salt environments for 
various lengths of exposure are numerous and convincing.

The product is a bit pricy.  A local supplier in NJ quoted me 
$124/gallon.  I ended up purchasing two gallons directly from the 
manufacturer, which with UPS shipping, cost a more reasonable 

Thanks to everyone for their advice and encouragement.  This may not be 
the ultimate solution but it certainly looks promising.  I'll let you 
know in a year or so how it's working.


John W2GD/P40W

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