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Subject: [TowerTalk] ant restrictions
From: (John Langdon)
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 10:23:18 -0600
(1) read the "Ham Law" reflector:
(2) get a copy of the "Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and 
Restrictions" that applies to the property you are looking at.  The best 
way to do this is to go down to the courthouse armed with the legal 
description of the property and get it yourself from the county clerk. 
 Watch out! Many subdivisions and/or real estate brokers will give you a 
"summary sheet" that will not contain all the language you need to see. 
 Also, some subdivisions have a "Phase 1,  "Phase 2,...Phase N"  and each 
of these may have a different declaration and thus different restrictions. 
 The realtor or even the subdivision manager may give you a copy of a 
declaration that is not the same as what is actually filed at the 
courthouse.  I don't know about all states, but in Texas, you are 
responsible for knowing and conforming with what is filed at the 
courthouse, no matter what it said by or given to you buy the subdivision 
or the seller.
(3) No matter if the Declaration contains no restrictions upon or language 
about antennas, local municipal codes may apply.  Look for the county 
and/or municipal building codes, while you are at the court house anyway.
(4) No matter if there are no restrictions and no zoning, if there is an 
"Architectural Control Committee" or something like it, that has to approve 
plans before construction,  you have a 99.9% chance of never getting 
permission to put up an antenna.

Good luck,

John N5CQ

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How do I find out if a housing subdivision has any type of antenna or tower
restrictions and exactly what they might be?

Also, is there any way to challenge these?

San Diego

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