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Subject: [TowerTalk] Mobile antenna installataion guide
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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 13:29:55 EST
Hey Bill..
I have the SGC 500 for >2 years, and which  I have used for field day, and
other forms of messing around - enough, that I am comfortable with it.... I
also have the High Sierra screwdriver antenna... and a GM battery isolator,
and sundry other bits-n-pieces... All intended for installation on MY redneck
GM 4X4 pickup.... I second the comment that SGC has the best manual on mobile
power installations....

One thing I have learned is that the amp performs best with a solid input
voltage of 14 (or more)... It is absolutely thrilled with 16-18 volts, pumping
out 620 watts with 11 watts of drive... It is intolerant of sagging voltage
and will "failsafe" if starved... Notice too, that it sucks 90+ amps at
peak!.... Now, before you faint I mention that this is with CW as the
operating mode... I suspect it is more tolerant of SSB because the duty factor
is lower, but I admit that I have not tried it on SSB... Non the less, let the
voltage sag off and the microprocessor will throw a tantrum...  I am
contemplating throwing an aluminum pickup toolbox right behind the cab and
putting the amp and another battery (or two) inside... This ought to greatly
improve the voltage sagging situation...
I also thought about mounting the antenna on the lid of the box, but
underpasses and trees become an iffy situation... Hmm... Maybe I could move to
montana where they don't have trees, wires, underpasses, etc.....


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