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From: Jim White, K4OJ" < (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 21:53:53 -0500
Mid-Afternoon - I call a local ham who saw my posting looking for some on
the internet, says he has selsyns...lives about 2 miles away from work -
agree to see him a little after quitting time...he gives directions.

5:15 PM meet nice guy (Noah, WB4WMW) and his wife - he says here it is and
shows me a chassis with 4 selsyns and a tachometer attached to it

5:30 PM after filling him in on our rotator project and thanking him for the
deal on the selsyns I head home to catch the 6:30 t-ball game my grandson is

6:00 PM get home, everyone else is off to the game, I wolf down casserole
(tnx Mom) and head over to the game, but first put a post on the towertalk
reflector asking how you hook up selsyns

6:30 PM  T-Ball is underway, I arrive to see Ohmar hit two triples and make
some major RBI's ensuring his teams victory...Teresa (wife) and Patty
(Ohmar's Mom) join in chants cheering on our hero

8:00 PM get e-mail from friends on towertalk about how to hook
up selsyns..

8:30 PM start dismantling chassis with all those selsyns, you gotta love
mil-spec stuff - wish my car was built like this stuff is...I decide to take
gears off selsyns but keep them attached to the chassis...

9:00 PM finally get things mechanically ready....debate whether or not to
hook em not have a fuse or fuseholder...if it is wrong, smoke...but
I cannot take the anticipation.

9:30 PM twist on last wire nut and plug into 110V - VOILA

Houston - we have selsyns!

These things are too cool....

9:35 drag wife out of bed to show here how these neato things work...

9:45 post thank you note to Noah and my friends on towertalk...



Jim, K4OJ

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the price of the heaviest antenna rotators." W6NL

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