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Re[CQ Contest}RE: [TowerTalk] 22VAC to 2 110VAC circuits

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Subject: Re[CQ Contest}RE: [TowerTalk] 22VAC to 2 110VAC circuits
From: (Tony Kazmakites)
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:19:29 -0500
I disagree. Some breakers are made to either add the bar to make them 2 pole
or to remove a bar to make them two single pole breakers.
I would like to see in the NEC where you need 3 wire plus  ground for a
standard 220v receptacle. Standard 220v single phase lines are 2 wire plus
ground, unless special applications, such as going from a main breaker panel
to a submain, then you need 3 wire plus ground..

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Subject:        Re[CQ Contest}RE: [TowerTalk] 22VAC to 2 110VAC circuits

While there is nothing wrong with using the two sides of a 220VAC circuit
separate 110VAC circuits  (I do, using #10 wire) -- DO NOT REMOVE THE BAR
connecting the 2 poles together on the breaker...  This is very dangerous
a violation of all codes - especially if the circuit is ever used again for
220VAC..  All 220VAC outlets would have to be removed...    It is OK to have
two separate 110VAC outlets in the shack that are run from the 220VAC
circuit..  BUT the 220VAC breaker must be used unmodified.... that way the
entire circuit will be opened if either of the two 110VAC circuits or the
220VAC circuit needs to be protected and have the breaker trip...  [the
circuit should be wired using 3-wire PLUS ground wire -  some old 220VAC
circuits use 3-wire without a ground wire]  I checked this out before I
my shack..

Jerry,  W3DMB - Butler PA         "Doing My Best"
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<< Typically the heater circuits are wired with #12-2 w/ground romex cable
 a 20A  2 pole breaker. To change the circuit to a 110V circuit, I have done
 the following
 - remove the bar connecting the 2 poles together on the breaker to make 2
 single pole breakers. If this can't be done, then replace the breaker with
 single pole breaker. >>

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