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Subject: [TowerTalk] Replacement stud bolt
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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 11:33:23 EST
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> Probably best to let a foundry build a new base.   With older Tristao 3
>  sided crank ups I always use 1" universal bolt with the bottom 6"  in an L.
>  I found when I first put down the tower years ago that Tristao did a poor
>  job of the base template and I had to get a foundry to build me an
>  piece so I could attach one leg of the tower.  I corrected the base
>  and it worked perfectly the last two times.
      This is a pretty good solution. Most clever machine or welding shops
should be able to fabricate an adapter plate or modify your existing one for a
new application. This has the added benefit of not having to mess with the
existing and/or new anchor bolts.

      I wanted to say something about a couple of posts that on this topic.
These posts had the tone that "Gee, that sure is a lot of force and it doesn't
sound like a good idea to me". Unless you've got some facts or well thought
out engineering calculations/reasons for your comments, they are only
anecdotal and not helpful to the conversation. Were the comments appropriate?
Not really. Yes - there are some large forces involved. Yes - there are a
couple of safe options, one of which was the use of industrial epoxy and, in
Jim's words, "It's used everyday in the construction industry". 

      If anyone has any question about the mechanical integrity of their
system, by all means get a PE or engineering buddy to run some calculations
before you commit to any course of action (an ounce of prevention etc.). And
talk to the manufacturer and in this case your industrial epoxy supply house. 

     I've always tried to promote the fact that when it comes to TowerTalk -
there's no such thing as a dumb question. If you don't have the answer, it's
news to you. And I've always encouraged thoughtful responses to questions. But
if all you've got is some 'hip pocket engineering' input or anecdote, think
twice before you post it. Tnx.

Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC
Tower Tech
Champion Radio Products

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