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[TowerTalk] getting out and back on 160 and 80 via the railroad

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Subject: [TowerTalk] getting out and back on 160 and 80 via the railroad
From: Bill Jackson" < (Bill Jackson)
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 23:09:15 -0600
+AD4-There is
+AD4-enough space on the railroad right-of-way to run beverages from the
+AD4-shack just south of the the towers approximately NW and NE, and enough
+AD4-brush to hide the fact that they are there...

As an employee in the communications department of one of the major U.S.
railroads, I can assure you your use of the right of way without permission
would be considered trespassing.  Contrary to most of the public's
perception, railroad right of way is PRIVATE property.  The railroad I work
for takes a strong stand against unauthorized use of their right of way.
The least they would do would be to remove your antennas and possibly charge
you with trespassing if they so chose.

+AD4-I heard somewhere that one can attach a coax to the rail and make an
+AD4-antenna.  I suppose putting legal limit to the rails might wreak havoc
+AD4-with the signal light system upon which the trains seem to rely, but
+AD4-perhaps they might do as a receive antenna.  Should I consider doing

ABSOLUTELY NOT+ACEAIQAh-  Tampering with or causing interference to the railroad
signaling system is a FEDERAL CRIME+ACEAIQAh- The railroad signaling system 
as a balanced system above ground.  Attaching anything to the rail, even
with the intent of using it as a receive only antenna could cause an
imbalance in that system and thus a false indication.

Take my advice, leave the railroad out of your antenna plans.

de Bill

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