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Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 15:44:50 -0500

For years, the best source for this type of rope was ROPE in Phila., Irwin
Miller, K3KNH who just became a silent key. Perhaps someone knows if the
line was picked up. He had a sidekick at shows that sold stainless steel
hardware etc. The Mink Company (?) with Charlie from New Jersy running it.
I can't remember his Extra Class call but perhaps this will jog someone's

Please let us know if it was picked up.


Joe, W1JR
>Does anyone know where I might purchase Dacron
>rope - the green military style.  It seems everyone
>has an over abundance of black double-braided
>(a core covered by a Dacron sheath) rope, but I can't
>seem to locate 1/4" woven dacron . Checked Davis
>RF & The Wireman already, zip.
>                 Thanx for your time & 
>           73 de Walt Kornienko - K2WK

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