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[TowerTalk] Take-off angle requirements vs. antenna height help request

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Take-off angle requirements vs. antenna height help request
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 07:12:17 -1000

Tony, W1SVU wrote, in part:

BTW,  I don't offer any help below  to Tony concerning his Rohn stuff, hi.

"Howdy, all.

Getting ready to move (retireing) to that sunny, balmy, flatland country
otherwise known as Vermont.  I'm really undecided how to construct the
"right kind" of antenna system.


My terrain is mountainous.  Well, for those of you out west, maybe it's just
"hilly".  My QTH is at 1650 ft. elevation, and there are higher "hill" tops
within vision.  To the northeast, there is a hilltop that is 900 ft higher,
exactly one mile away.  To the west, also at one mile distance, is a hill
that is 630 ft higher than me.  To the southwest, a rise of 400 ft... at a
mile and a quarter.

Also, my home there is a log home in the woods... surrounded on the north,
east and south by red pine trees, approx 75 ft high.  To the west the
property drops rapidly to a small river and is mostly hardwoods. "

Sounds beautiful,  Tony.  However,  we retired to Hawaii,  Island of Kauai,
rise from here reaches about 6 or 7 degrees up from the Northern horizon,
is the direction directly to Central Europe.  But,  have about 180 degrees
of the
Pacific Ocean to the South;  so I have a V-beam for NS.  It sort of works,
foot legs at about a 30 degree angle between the wires..  Maybe you could
one of those up among the tall trees.  Lots of fun on the low bands,
especially 80
and 40.  In fact,  is the only antenna I have for 160 and 80 bands.
Terrain below
the wires probably is too uneven for a real beam to be formed.

Plan on staying at this QTH:  no snow,  just a hurricane every 10 years or
so,  hi.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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