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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guying Designs
From: (John Langdon)
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 16:09:25 -0600
Keep the angles the same as if the tower was installed on perfectly flat 
ground.  This is also true if you are using elevated guy posts.  If you 
change the angles, you cannot rely on the manufacturer supplied 
configurations and will have to re calculate everything.  If the 
recommended configuration you are using has two sets of guys going to two 
different anchor points, you should also keep the angles on those guys the 
same as if you were on flat ground.

73 John N5CQ

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From:   Pat Barthelow []
Sent:   Monday, March 29, 1999 3:14 PM
Subject:        [TowerTalk] Guying Designs

        I am musing over a sketch of a guyed tower, plan view, and wonder
how the positioning of guy anchor points changes with sloped ground.  Does
one try to
keep constant angle by all guys to the tower, by changing the anchor
radius, or do you keep a constant distance to the anchor point, with the
resulting different vertical angles?  Also, if the ground rises a
significant amount on one side, then for a 2 level guy system, the top
guy, and the middle  guy, assuming they would converge to a single point
anchor, on level ground, intesect the real world sloping
ground at two points that have significant spacing between them.  In this
with  sloped ground, do you anchor the top and middle guys at 2 locations?
If the angles of different guys at, say, the center guy point on the
tower, are different, and the guys are tensioned equally, there will be
different horizontal and vertical force components attributable to each
guy.....How do you deal with sloped ground when guying?

73, DX, de
Pat, AA6EG/N6IJ;
599 DX Drive, Marina CA 93933
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