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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guying Designs
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Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 19:16:36 EST
Hello Pat,
     Nothing beats the challange of the mountainous terrain eh!
     If you feel the need to tinker with changing the angle of you guy wire is
within you, I would suggest spending $88.00 and buying the EIA/TIA structural
standards for steel antenna towers and antenna supporting structures.
     I only know of this one link to order it on-line:
     That should take you right to it...otherwise go to:
and look around....<chuckle>
     The best way to avoid having your tension off is to measure it...I'm not
familiar with how the do-it-yourselfer home tower installer normally tensions
their guy wires, but if your just lookin up you wires and saying, "ayep, they
all look tensioned and they all look the same at that level", Nothing but
trouble awaits you. Accident awaiting to happen. First real good wind and down
it's coming. The Dillon Dynamometer is one way to measure your guy
tensions...I'm not quite sure at the cost of this device...but it will be well
worth it. You see, you should actually measure you guy tensions on a bi-annual
inspection basis, as should you do the rest of your tower. The dillon
dynamometer is the only one I know of that you can order on-line
to it is:
     Keep in mind that I am not trying to sell this tool...but rather, that I
have tensioned  thousands of guyed towers in my lifetime with it and it really
does the job.
     Ice clips are great and if you happen to have enough of them to put on
both the upper and lower preforms...I would do it. Not that it's very likely
that the upper preforms would ever unravel, but who's to say eh. Never can be
to safe. Especially as cheep as they are.
     DANGER: Turning the turnbuckle by sticking something through the body of
your turnbuckle is ill advised.
                     Adjusting tensions on your guy wires with someone on the
tower is ill advised also.
                     Never use a preform more then once.
There: I've rambled enough....I do love this type of work and respect every
aspect of it and hope what I have to input will give you a bit of that feeling
                     Thanks again for listening <reading> <chuckle>
                     John David Beattie

P/S....this is tooo wife sends this link to those that don't want
the's a tensionometer....that's why she's MZTOWER I guess.
LOL   and if you want more...she has found a bundle of
em now. Just write me and I'll give them to you.

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