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[TowerTalk] TH11DX vs PRO 67C

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TH11DX vs PRO 67C
From: (Richard D. Wilson)
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 19:59:54 -0400

I have recently moved to a new QTH and will be limited to a single
yagi on a 40 foot self supporting tower. I would be very interested
in your opinions regarding my choice of antenna. 

The two I am currently considering are a Hy-Gain TH11DX and a
Mosley PRO 67C. The TH11DX seems to get good reviews but the additional
bands covered by the PRO, even realizing that the 30 and 40 meter
capabilities will be utilized at a less than ideal height, sure are

I have owned antennas made by both companies in the past, TH3 and
Classic 33, with good results from both.

Any thoughts you may have regarding these antennas, or any other
possible suggestions, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
for your time and help.

73, Dick N4LT

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