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Subject: [TowerTalk] Check me Please!
From: (Bob Thacker)
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 07:05:18 -0400
I agree with Fred. Had trouble with a Mosley trap years ago that had dirt
from spiders causing a short which eventually led to arching. As Fred said,
check the screws that attach the trap to the aluminum. Rust and corrosion
was the culprit. Had severe arching there one time. Thats what you get for
cleaning those traps for years on end! BTW, mine were all in the driven
elements. The best medicine for the antenna is to completely disassemble all
the traps and clean it up. I used a brass bristle brush to scrub the trap
coils and replace the screws with stainless steel. While you're at it clean
the aluminum joints and coat with Penetrox.

Bob, K3GT

>>I am thinking that a trap is gone in the Driven Element.  But, Mosley
>>says it could be any trap in either the reflector or the director that
>>could cause it to act funning.  Before I run off and buy a lot of parts,
>>what do you "august" experts think?

>K1VR:  First thing I'd do is to take down the driven element and get it
>to the ground. Then open up the two 20 meter traps.  Look closely closely
>closely at the wires connecting the trap to the element and the screws
>holding those coils (wires) in place.  Why start with the driven element?
>Because it is easy, quick and cheap, and you can do it alone. It is one

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