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Subject: [TowerTalk] Check me Please!
From: (Mark L.)
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 12:27:27 GMT
Greetings Gang;

Lee wrote:
<<The TA-33 is acting funny....snip..  On Ten meters it is OK.  SWR is fine 
and it shows a curve that is "normal"  Same thing on Fifteen meters.  When I 
get to 20 meters, well the SWR is 2.7 to one all across the band. snip>>

Last year, I helped a friend refurbish a TA-33 that he purchased used. It 
had similar problems. SWR wasn't too bad on 10 & 15, but on 20 it was 2:1, 
but not quite as bad as yours.

Our fix:

1) Dissasemble each joint, clean with scotchbrite, and apply Penetrox (or 
No-Alox) and reassemble. This improved the swr only slightly.

<head scratching session, followed by cold drinks>

2) Dissasemble each trap assembly, loosen and retighten each screw that 
terminates the coil for wire ends. These are aluminum screws on aluminum 
wire. You know the story there over time. Refreshing the screw contact 
breaks through the oxide. We should have spot applied penetrox here but we 
didn't. We also noticed that 2 of the coil forms were cracked, causing minor 
distortion in the coils. We ignored these and reassembled.

3) The SWR was remarkably improved, the beam is in service now, and Tony is 
very happy with it.

Hope this helps you.


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