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[TowerTalk] The TA-33 Beast!!!!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The TA-33 Beast!!!!
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 08:27:59 -0500


Thanks for all the ideas, tips, tricks, hints, kinks, and opinions about my
problem with the TA-33,  I hope to get the driven element down this weekend
and take a look.  A friend of mine has one of these beams on the ground and
said I could have parts if I replace them later.  Nice guy.

THe plan of attach is this.  Take down the DE and inspect, tighten, and
clean.  Before putting it up again, I am going to check it out with the MFJ
259 and then even put some RF into it.  Then I will put it back up.

If the DE isn't the problem, then I am going to take the whole thing down
and put up the TH6DXX I have in the garage....  Yea. I don't
have to tell me.  THe Th6DXX gives some issues with masting, but I think it
will work if I put the TH6DXX close to the tower throat.  I have a
pointie-top-tower ala 25G (Big throat, 24" long) with the rotor (Ham IV) at
the "normal" level.  I have Schedule 40 galvanixed 2" tube for a mast.
That should hold....  I just don't have the masting to put the rotor in lower.

Again, thanks for the great discussion.  I4JMY had a great bit of
information that was quite good.  My thanks to Maurizio for the interesting
comments  Thanks to you all for the comments.


Wasn't Dayton great ... Again!

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