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[TowerTalk] N5RP Righteous Ride

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Subject: [TowerTalk] N5RP Righteous Ride
From: (Bob Perring)
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 10:58:42 -0500
Hi All,

I received quite a bit of mail from list members when I posted the
plans for my upcoming trip out West in Casper, our 1970 VW Westfalia Bus. 
The combination of Ham Radio and Bus interests has made for a common
thread to a lot of you out there.

Oh Boy ! .... 1600 CC of 1970 air cooled engine with it's own tent, 
and 150 watts of RF with it's own antenna; 
all crawling down the road at a whiz bang speed of 55 MPH !

The antenna will be a Hy-Gain vintage mobile antenna. 
Who out there remembers the Hy-gain Trap Traveller tri-band mobile
vertical ??
Hell, the mobile antenna is older than the bus !!

I hope to make a couple of VW bashes and at least one Ham Radio club
meeting in Washington that I have been told about.
This righteous ride trip should last 6-8 weeks; shooting out across TX,
NM, AZ, CA. OR, WA, ID, MT, (gets foggy from here on)

To those that E-mailed me, I will send you more info next week on what
I might expect as to route and timings, as I make my final decisions
and get closer to launch.
Also, thanks for the generous offers of a camp spot, cold brew, and hot
meal from the many that offered same. We'll see ......... Better to
just meet and enjoy than to impose.  

I do know one thing............... Smaller roads and Route 66 paths are
the preferred concrete.

About the only firm schedule I have at the moment is for the night of
July 13th when I will be at a bar owned by the sister of a very good
friend of mine (KG5U). 
Supposedly, I get to drink for free. (We'll see)

Anyone interested in meeting me at ? .....................
Wayne's World
1832 South 120th, 
Seattle, WA 98168
tel # 206-433-8658 

I would expect to be there late afternoon to early evening time on the
I understand I should bring my darts.

The turbos are warming, and I am into pre-launch check ,
Bob, N5RP
|    _        | _  |]
Maizey, the Magical Mystery Tour
Casper, der freundliche Bus 

C. Robert Perring
Consultant to Technology, ATD3
12715 Westmere
Houston, Texas 77077
tele:(281) 493-5780
fax: (281) 493-5780

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