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[TowerTalk] Force12 C-3 and Omni-VI+ Static Build-up

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Force12 C-3 and Omni-VI+ Static Build-up
From: (Ken Kinyon)
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 12:41:36 -0600
Hi and thanks in advance.
I have just sent my Ten-Tec Omni-VI to repair for the second time in a year for
the same problem.
I believe what This is what is happening:
When there is an electrical storm nearby (within 5- 10 miles), a  static charge
builds up on the  elements of The C-3 which are insulated from ground.  When the
charge is sufficient it discharges by arcing to the boom.  My wife has better
hearing than I and can actually hear the snapping noise from the yard. In the
case of the driven element the charge discharges through  switching diodes in
the front end of the transceiver and shorts them out.  To put it simply the
radio no longer works right. ;<)

 I have been disconnecting the antenna feedline whenever I am not using the
radio.  One day a couple week ago I forgot and didn't get home in time to
prevent damage to the radio. When I got home and did disconnect the feedline,  I
gave me a fairly surprising shock. I was able to draw an arc nearly 1/2 inch
long between the center conductor and my shack ground system.

I am going to install a relay to automatically ground the antenna when the power
is off on the radio.  Does any one have any other ideas.( Besides buy a Yeasu.)
I was thinking that could ground the non driven elements to the boom either by
removing the plastic insulators or using a braid.  Could I ground the driven
elements with some type of RF choke? I do use 1500 watts a times.  Thanks in
advance for any ideas and suggestions.
Ken W7TS

Kenneth E.  Kinyon
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Longmont, CO 80503-2106
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