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Subject: [TowerTalk] Station W1AW
From: (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:26:19 -1000
Hi,  Yesterday I made inquiry about the set up at W1AW;
few seemed to really know anything.  But I rcvd the
following from Joe, NJ1Q,  the station manager,
thought I might share the information; some interesting
info about power out,  antennas and rigs used.

"Generally, we run about 1200+ watts on each band
(160 to 10 meters).  On 2 meters, we run about 250 watts.

On 160 meters, we have a dipole up about 120 feet.

80 meters, a coaxial resonator up about 65 feet.  
(I use this type of antenna for the bandwidth.)

40 meters consists of two (2) phased Cushcraft 
40-2CD yagis.  One is fixed, pointed NNW, (and 
up 65 feet) and the other is rotatable.  The rotatable (up
about 125 feet) is our visitor antenna.  However, during 
W1AW transmissions, we have this particular one 
phased and pointed at 200 degrees.

20 meters consists of two (2) phased Cushcraft 
20-3CD yagis.  One is pointed NNW (up about 65 
feet), and the other SSW (up about 32 feet). 

17 meters is a 3 element yagi up about 50 feet, and 
pointed West.

15 meters consists of two (2) phased 3 element yagis.  
One is up about 40 feet, pointed SSW, and the other 
about 80 feet, pointed NNW.

10 meters consists of a 3 element yagi, up about 48 feet, 
and is pointed SSW.

2 meters is a Cushcraft Collinear array up about 125 feet.

While the HF equipment consists of Harris transceivers 
and amplifiers, on 20 meters we're running a modified 
Ten Tec Omni VI+, and a modified Command
Technologies HF-2500E (5 KW amplifier).  We have 
current limiting to keep us just under 1500 watts.

Most of the visitor antennas are located on 65 foot 
towers, and are all rotatable (except of course for the 
160 and 80 meter antennas).

I hope this answers your questions.
Joe, NJ1Q
W1AW Station Manager"

I should ask what sort of mod was done to the Omni VI+;
wonder if it had anything to do with the onset of the CW
signal,  rise time,  or ?.

Use the W1AW signals on the HF bands as beacons,  very
helpful in evaluating the bands to the East Coast.

73,  Jim,  KH7M


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