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Subject: [TowerTalk] Subjective Survey INPUT
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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 18:56:36 EDT
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> I have an opportunity to acquire one of the following beam ants. used...
>  condition of all the ants. is very good so it's all about performance
>  and longevity
>  Mosley.......... TA-33
>  Hy-Gain.......  TH3-Mk3
>  Cushcraft...... A3
>  Which would by your pick?  

       All of these are 3L trapped tribanders of similar boomlength. Do they 
all play the same? I suspect not.

      The Mosley was covered in our tribander comparison report 
( The average-gain-per-band was 1.6 dB. 
Unfortunately we didn't test the other antennas.

      If you're interested in performance coupled with very good hardware, I 
would vote for the Hy-Gain. It the only one developed on a real antenna 
range. This is the same range and engineers that produced the original TH6 
over 30 years ago which is arguably the most popular HF tribander ever 
manufactured. Why was it so popular? Because it WORKED! 

     All of the TH series from the TH2 on up were/are *very good* performers. 
And, unlike the others, the hardware is robust and strong. 

Cheers,  Steve    K7LXC
Champion Radio Products
ex-National Sales Manager for Hy-Gain Amateur Products
Force 12 dealer
co-author of tribander comparison report 

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