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Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 11:37:07 EDT
In a message dated 6/15/99 9:38:44 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
SE060676@MSXSOPC.SHELL.COM writes:

<< I have 2 pieces of Andrews LDF6-50 and want to join the two pieces together
 How would I go about this ???
 Does Andrews make some connector for this application ??
 Thanks for any ideas or info..
 73/Sam  K9SD
 Utilities SIET
Hi Sam,  We deal in Heliax and other hard line, LMR, etc.  We also make 
inexpensive custom hardline connectors, machined from brass compression 
fittings, made to customer's sample; however we're still working on tooling 
for "corrugated" Heliax.  Heliax  has corrugated shield which facilitates 
bend.  However the corrugartion, combined with the hollow .516" center 
conductor on the LDF6-50 makes it tough to  substitute connectors.  I don't 
know of any ham adaptation methods that provide a strong enough joint at the 
connection, particularly if bending occurs at that point. 

By the way, bend radius on your 6-50 is 15".  If you need any other specs 
just let me know. 

 I will contact you directly with our discounted Heliax connectors that you 
would need to join these, if you don't die of sticker shock (although we have 
the lowest prices that I'm aware of).   73,   Steve Davis,  K1PEK  DAVIS RF 
DAVIS RF Co., commercial wire and cable, custom cable design.  Discounts to 
hams.  Heliax, LMR, RFS, Belden, Poly Phaser Lightning Protection Devices.  
Various aerial wiring; transmission lines, insulators, baluns, RF connectors 
and Dacron rope. .  1-800-328-4773, (For all RF hardline 
related items, please ask for Steve Davis)   Thank you!
"The Triad":  Davis RF Co.; Orion Wire Corp.; and The Wire Man, Inc.:  
Variegated expertise; resources and buying power yielding numerous quality 
products at highly competitive pricing.

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