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[TowerTalk] Using capacitor sections long before KLM

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Using capacitor sections long before KLM
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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 13:53:09 -0400
I related to Bruce(at KLM) that I had a beam with capacitor sections long
before KLM and previous owner Mike  K6MYC invented the KT 34 design.   In
1958 Faust Gonsett introduced the Gonset Tri-bander series with a 2 element
and 3 element version.  Their QST ads plugged the feature of band switching
without traps and the losses involved.  They showed a picture of Professor
Ohm to highlight the feature.

I had the 3element version that had an 18' boom and a separate 10 meter
element just like KT34.  Gonset was then owned by Young and Spring wire
Company.   Faust wanted to top his equipment line with a SSB/CW transceiver
and the R&D for the MSB-1 (which only went to prototype) nearly sunk both
Gonset and Young and Spring.   He did sell a number of beams and by 1959
this was very popular with contesters.   W1PDF and W1ONK had them and there
was an article on strengthening the boom and adding more elements.   I don't
remember the W6 call but about 1960 a W6 just back from Germany won the CQ
WW phone for the USA with a Gonset 3 el.

Mine worked great on 20 and 10 but left something to be desired on 15
(little front to back)  just like the KT34 series!!!
On 20 a certain WA2 in ENY told me I had a killer signal the entire contest
during the 1959 SS.   Seems he became K1ZM.

The guy who is credited with the design at Gonset was one Oliver Swan, the
Log Yagi pioneer.

Dave K4JRB

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