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Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 13:58:37 EDT
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> 1) Rohn's "serving tool" for dressing the dead ends of EHS guys (after
>  cable clamp installation).  This can't be a very expensive item, but none
>  of the dealers I normally use for Rohn stuff stock this item.  I guess I
>  could just order it and wait, but I'd rather find one in stock.

    Yuck - I would only serve EHS if you held a gun to my head. If you're 
using cable clamps in this day and age, you're working WAY too hard way. 
Preformed grips are *much* easier to use and eliminate the need for serving. 

      If you've really got your heart set on one, it's in the Rohn catalog as 
a CST1 but I couldn't find it in my price sheets so I don't know if Rohn even 
offers it anymore.  

      While serving the cable ends appears to add some additional strength to 
the termination, I don't know how much or if at all. If you're concerned 
about termination strength (the spec calls for 3 clamps), what about adding a 
fourth one?

     If it's just aesthetics, it's up to you. 
>  2) Hardware for fixed side mounts on 45G.  I want something that at least
>  spreads the load over two of the legs for fairly substantial antennas.
>  I've seen something like this for side mounting big dishes on commercial
>  towers.  Anything similar available at ham prices?  Or do I just need to
>  fabricate my own?

      You can do just about anything with some angle iron, U-bolts, some 
plate and pipes - cut, drill and install. Scrounge up the hardware and do it 
yourself; use the designs like the ones you saw. There are many mounts 
available from Rohn; check your Rohn catalog for drawings and then do your 
own. You *don't* want to pay commercial prices. My local salvage yard has 
lots of galvanized angle and galvanized pipe - that's what the commercial 
mounts use.

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC

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