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Subject: [TowerTalk] Antenna Measurement
From: (Tom Champlin)
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 18:33:55 -0500
To all concerned,
Personally, I think the K7LXC, et al, measurements are a whole lot
better than no measurements at all. Some have complained about the
methodology, but I ask where is their rebuttal data, modeling, etc.?? At
least someone cared enough to get off their butt and go out and spend
the money and put in many hours to try and make an honest comparison. I
for one, don't want to spent 800 bucks on an elaborate dummy load! If
Mosley feels put upon, lets all take a good look at their data,
modeling, etc.
I certainly would like to see theirs and those of the other
Manufacturers, as well.
I am mainly interested in seeing tribander data, both electrical and
mechanical. But you know what? Your not going to see it  for tribanders,
because even if such data exists, which in some cases I seriously doubt,
It will never be made public, because the hams could quickly tell that
in some cases, the Emperor truly has no clothes!
There is constant carping about traps. Well, what with the proliferation
in industry of Infrared cameras, many very advanced nowadays, why hasn't
someone fired up their tribanders at around 1.5 KW at night and after 30
seconds or so, shot some pictures of the traps. This might well help
choose a tribander in itself. Just some of my thoughts. Have a good
73, Tom W0HH

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