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[TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-572MDL

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-572MDL
From: (John Langdon)
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 19:55:23 -0500

1) I think they all run on 220, probably 20 amp should be okay.  I bet 
local code will tell you what to run for an electric dryer, and that should 
be close enough.
2) Follow local codes for the power.  Run coax separate pipe in same 
trench, if code allows, but code may specify separate trench or so many 
inches separation from low voltage.
3) I use solid 4" PVC with only 45 degree joints, crowned in the middle for 
draining to the ends where it can evaporate.
4) BONUS ANSWER:  I would also make sure the drawings and surveys of the 
house show the base and tower in both the plat and the elevations that are 
filed with the county clerk when you close on the property, with a footnote 
to the exact language the developer agreed to include.  This will prevent 
problems later, believe me.  Both in disputes with future neighbors, who 
don't believe you have permission, current neighbors who will try to void 
that permission when the developer moves on and an ACC or HOA takes over, 
or when you want to refinance your house.  If you sell the house at some 
later date, make it explicit whether or not the tower is included.

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Subject:        [TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-572MDL

My current thinking is a US Tower HDX-572MDL.

Can someone with this tower please tell me the following:

1.  What is the voltage / current rating of this tower's motor?  It's not
in the catalog!

We're working on the electrical / lighting requirements of the home and I'd 
like to have the specs added to the plans, along with a panel on the
tower side of the house.

2.  I'm planning to run the AC power and RF coax cables to the tower
underground.  Should they be run in the same pipe, or should I plan 2
pipes,  one for RF and the other for AC power?

3. What's the best pipe to use?  Solid PVC  or  perforated pipe?  I'm
thinking perf on the bottom for drainage of condensation. I've seen
references to both on this reflector,  but don't recall a consensus.


Gene Spinelli, K5GS

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