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[TowerTalk] leveling tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] leveling tower
From: (John Langdon)
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 06:30:52 -0500
I have never had much luck with a plumb bob, even without wind problems, 
which we usually have here.

If you want to do it right, rent two transits and set them up 90 degrees 
from each other at equal distances from the tower. Level them with their 
internal bubble levels, then "pan" the instrument's view up and down the 
tower legs.  You will soon see that "eyeball" is often off a lot.  Start at 
the bottom guy point (hopefully before you install any sections above it) 
and adjust the guys wires to have proper and equal tension ( rule of them 
10-15% of breaking strength of the guy material) while at the same time 
lining up the transit's reference line in the scope to be parallel with the 
edge of the tower leg.  The move up to the next guy point, etc.  The 
recheck everything once all sections are up.  Sounds like overkill, but it 
is the most accurate way I know of.  An ounce of prevention is worth a 
pound of cure, do it right the first time, yada yada yada.

73 John N5CQ

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From:   Shane Dugas []
Sent:   Sunday, June 20, 1999 3:56 AM
Subject:        [TowerTalk] leveling tower

        I've started up with the tower and I've gotten to the second set of
guys.  I was wodering if anyone has every had any luck with a plumb bob.  I
don't have access to a transit so I've been climbing the tower with a level
and then making adjustments.  It seems that eyeballing would be almost as
good as a plumb bob given a small breeze would tend to give a lot of 

Also,  Is pulling to tower into plumb with the guys a common occurance.  I
know rohn tower is pretty well made stuff I just don't have any 
experience so I'm not sure if variences between sections is as much to 
the tower to "wiggle" as it goes up.  I started very level on the first
section and it didn't take long to get out ( a couple of sections)

Thoughts anyone?

Shane Dugas
Prairieville, LA

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