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[TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-572MDL

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Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower HDX-572MDL
From: (Joel)
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 16:03:29 -0400

Dick Green wrote:

> > 1.  What is the voltage / current rating of this tower's motor?  It's not
> > specified
> > in the catalog!
> Hmmm. The catalog isn't clear on whether the 72' tower comes with the
> MDP-750 or the MDP-1000. It does say that the 72' TX version comes with the
> MDP-750 and the 89' TX version comes with the MDP-1000. I would guess you
> will get the MDP-750, but you should check with the factory. In any case,
> the MDP-750 requires a 120VAC, 15A circuit. I ran a 220VAC 20A line (about
> 250') with #8 wiring to minimize the drop, then split it into two 120VAC 15A
> circuits at a subpanel next to the tower (the other circuit feeds a general
> outdoor utility outlet.) Still get a very tiny flicker in the house lights
> when the motor starts up.
> > 2.  I'm planning to run the AC power and RF coax cables to the tower
> > underground.  Should they be run in the same pipe, or should I plan 2
> > pipes,  one for RF and the other for AC power?
> Where I live, the building code requires that AC lines be run in a conduit
> by themselves, which is what I did. I used three pipes: one for AC (1"), one
> for RF (4") and one for control cables (2.5".) If you get the U.S. Tower
> remote control package, note that it uses 120VAC control signals! It's a
> violation of code if those go in the control cable conduit. I ended up
> building a simple 12VDC relay panel inside the tower AC relay panel and
> building a new remote control box so I could feed the tower with 12VDC
> signals through the control cable conduit.
> > 3. What's the best pipe to use?  Solid PVC  or  perforated pipe?  I'm
> > thinking perf on the bottom for drainage of condensation. I've seen
> > references to both on this reflector,  but don't recall a consensus.
> This might depend a lot on humidity and soil conditions in your area. I used
> the grey solid plastic PVC used by professional electricians for underground
> wiring. It is terminated at each end in a sealed weatherproof utility box,
> so very little moisture can enter the conduit. We have moderate humidity
> here in New England, but nothing like Florida or the Texas coast. The spoil
> is relatively dry and very rocky. The water table is well below the conduit,
> which is buried 4 feet down. I've had no water ingress problems in two
> years.
> 73, Dick WC1M
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